Taco Tuesdays - Deathwatch

Final Sanction - After Action Reports




After a thrill less ride through space to our target, the commander of the ship was immediately tested and he proved to be as courageous as needed as even though his ship was being eaten alive by tyranid spores he delivered his cargo to it’s intended destination.
As our drop pod went howling to the surface I began to feel the excitement of the engagement soon to come, I started feeling my blood boil at what seemed forever for the drop pod to land. As the doors fell open I went red and barely able to recognize the clothing of friendly PDF forces being engaged, that’s the last I saw after the red washed over the battle field I regained my vision and was asked to scout. I found some tunnels that the rebel forces had used. The tunnels were not of our priority, we moved on and found more rebels, I never thought there would be sooooo many of them on an agricultural world. In any case as we approached the barracks for resupply we came upon another swarm trying to take out the barracks. I heard guns blazing from all directions I heard from our leader to engage the distant group and was off towards the rebels jump pack glow blazing. A quick work out was all that was necessary too finish these rebels off. At this point I believe is where the team started thinking I was a little to blood lust as after this I kept being caught in the fire from my comrades even that no good dark angel Trey tried to repay me from previous bout by lightning me up with promethium but just like his punches I was too quick for him there as well.
In all the remaining combats the only thing left standing was our Kill-team, even when we found the brood lord itself. Anyone in the Kill team should put in more hours at the range and make sure not to target the wolf. I almost lost it once when someone shot me in the back of the head… Anyways I brought pride to the Wolf Pack and may have brought some brothers closer to our ways. I hope the Primarch is smiling upon me to raise me to the rank of Wolf Guard but I fear this rank is not mine yet.


Red Barron






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