Taco Tuesdays - Deathwatch

Final Sanction Mission Briefing

The Kill-Team is assembled in a grand hall aboard Watch Station Erioch. Their Watch Captain, an Ultramarines Chapter Space Marine named Brother Evangelos, sits at the head of a long holotable. On it the starmap of Jericho Reach is displayed. When the Kill-Team is seated he begins the briefing, “Over six months ago, Inquisitor Kalistradi arrived on the Agri-World of Avalos (Common Lore: Imperium of Man for more info) chasing rumors of Genestealer Infestation (Forbidden Lore: Xenos for more info) and several reported sighting of a Space Hulk on the edge of the system. After months of secret investigation, she discovered Genestealers had indeed taken residence on Avalos, concentrated in the world’s primary city – Lordsholm.” The holotable shifts view to an overlooking map of Lordsholm. The city is divided into 4 distinct districts, Magistria, Portica, Calistria, and Fabrica. (Anyone who requisitions a Dataslate can download this map).

“Without the means to purge the infestation herself, and fearing the local authorities had already been compromised, she sent a coded astrpathic communication to Watch Fortress Erioch issuing a formal request for aid from the Deathwatch in exterminating a Genestealer infestation on the world of Avalos. After reviewing the evidence and assessing the threat of a Tyranid presence in the Avalos system, Watch Captain Brand considered the threat dangerous enough to send a Kill-Team. This is where you come in. Your transportation leaves in 3 hours. You will journey to the Avalos system aboard the Imperial Sword Class Frigate Valiant.” The holotable again shifts, this time to an Imperial Navy ship classification Imperial Sword Class Frigate statistics page.

We don’t expect much trouble. You have each been allocated 72 points of Requisition for this mission. Good Luck." The holotable goes dark and Watch Captain Evangelos has a ‘why haven’t you started moving yet’ look on his face as the Kill-Team moves out to prep for their mission.



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