Taco Tuesdays - Deathwatch

Final Sanction - Mission Progress

Aproaching the PDF base Brother DiAngst performs ariel scouting assisted by Brother Baron. Giving the all clear, Brother DiAngst signals for the Kill-Teams advance. To everyones surprise rebel forces have laid an ambush. The fighting is bloody but the rebels are no match for a full Kill-Team. Sounds of seige weaponry can be heard from the opposite side of the fortress. The faster members of the Kill-Team fly off over the barracks to deal with the problem. They see over the battlements three hordes of rebel troops, armed with heavy weaponry. Given time the seige could break the fortress and seize the resources held within. With no reguard to personal safety the Assault Marines jump jet into the front.

Hearing commotion inside the fortress Libarian Staph decides the best course of action is the direct route. Using his bionic locomotion he begins to run full speed at the back wall. With a resounding KE-RASH he creates an entrance where no existed before. Inside he sees a scene that is incomprehensible to his marine senses. The PDF guardsmen assigned to the fortress have seemingly surrendered to an invisible enemy. Not understanding this Libarian Staph calls for the aid of Brother Fury to assess the situation. Apparently the PDF forces commanding officers had ordered them to stand down until such time as a traitor could be located. Libarian Staph begins the search for these captains of the guard and Brother Fury gives a rousing speech to get the PDF off their asses and fighting in the name of the Emperor.

Out back Brother Trae holds the line against the ambushing rebel forces. The Devastator makes good use of his Heavy Bolter to stem the tide of advancing forces. Brother Scipio’s newly roused PDF units pour out the back of the fortress to join the fight. Just as the situation seemed contained a massive horde of rebels comes into view, ready to charge the fortress and hopefully break it’s defense from behind. Brother Trey tells Brother Fury to deal with the situation inside the fortress, he shall hold the line. After all, that is what Dark Angles do.

Inside, Libarian Staph has created another entrance. (Log Readers Note: Adjacent to a door he could have used. Schedule a review of his Gene Seed for corruption.) In the interior he finds a standoff of four PDF captains all shouting accusations of trechary and corruption. Brother Fury enters and demands an explination of what’s going on and why the PDF were ordered to stand down. Not liking the answer of “we thought it best to take no action until the traitor was found” he atempts to open fire on the squabbling captain only to find his hand stayed by a gun jam. Seeing the situation is desperate the traitor captain shoots one of his comrades in the face killing him instantly. A Genestealer appears from the shadows and kills another PDF captain. Librarian Staph makes quick work of the Genestealer, but makes the mistake of licking the blood off his Force Sword (Log Readers Note: Seriously, schedule a review with the Watch Apothecary). He collapses in a heap as the toxic nature of the Tyranid sweeps over him. Brother Fury defeats the traitor captain and tells the two remaining captains should anything like this happen again to make quicker work of slaughering all involved and get back to the fight.

Out front, after taking heavy fire on appraoch, the Assault Team has engaged the rebels. Brother Scipio makes haste to join his comrades. Brother DiAngst and Brother Baron put into practice the skills they have learned together in the Deathwatch and form a Wolf Pack. They cut down their prey with glee. Brother Brenna provides heavy fire support from the battlements with her Missile Launcher. Slowly but surely the rebel forces are worn down and victory goes to the Kill-Team. The PDF captains, indebted to the Kill-Team, give Brother Scipio their Vox frequency and authentication so they can be called in to fight for Lordsholm. Brother Trae takes command of a PDF unit. The future of Lordsholm looking more secure for the moment the Kill-Team moves out towards Magistra District to secure the Astropath and send the off world communicae for support.



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