Taco Tuesdays - Deathwatch

Final Sanction - Mission Progress

Put on recon the Assault Team takes to the skies. They see several fires where Lordsholm still burns, but one in particular stands out. Nearby a structure is being asaulted by rebel forces while fires rage all around them. Checking his updated cartograph slate Brother Scipio determines this to be a supply depot. He dispatches the reserve PDF troops to handle the situation for now, and the Kill-Team makes its way to the Magistra District. Enroute Brother DiAngst spies some Genestealers stalking away into an alley. The choice between staying on mission and diverting to destroy the Xenos is clear. Death to all Xenos scum.

The Kill-Team splits up, taking fire positions on rooftops overlooking the alley while Brothers Trey and Brenna block off the entrance. Librarian Adam takes this oppourtunity to spout Codex doctrine and Dark Angels Dogma as a flying embodiment of death and destruciton. A Genestealer gets the drop on Brother Brenna and manages a deep wound. The fire positions rain bolter death upon the Xenos. Brother DiAngst and Baron jump down and deliver death from above. Brother Fury gets in on the action with a furious decent and a power sword. The carnage attracts more Genestealers from the sewers who decend upon the melee with furor. The battle is short and bloody and in the end no Genestealers survive. The Kill-Team earns distincion by performing several solo kills.

At the Astropath’s Tower the Kill-Team encounters some Mind Blanked guards known as the Hallow Guard. Brother Scipio confirms with Brother Adam they are indeed mindwiped zombies of the Imperium, ordered to tear appart anything without proper access trying to gain entry into the tower. The Kill-Team Vox casts Syndalla for ideas and she claims Lord Governor Thorsholdt should have access. If the Kill-Team were to rescue him he could lead them through the Hallow Guard. With a mutter of “Emperor Damned Adaptus Administratum” Brother Scipio orders the team over to Thorsholdt Mannor.

Outside all seems quiet. The grounds are protected by regiment after regiment of PDF troops. Searching the manor from the skies the Assault Team reports the Lord Governor’s posiition is in the atrium. He is apparently holding court during this time of trouble with Lordsholm’s elite class. The Kill-Team enters the Atrium, leaving Brother Adam and Brother Trae to guard the rear. Brother Scipio introduces himself, his team, and awaits the Lord Governor’s reply. Lord Governor Perian Thorsholdt replies meekly, “Praise the Emperor you are here. His blessed angels of death have come to rescue me, er, us, er, the city.” His response as to why 2/3 of the PDF are here and not trying to save the city is, “well, we are the city. Without the Magistra District there would be no Lordsholm.” Brother DiAngst calls a warning just in time as several Genestealers decend into the atrium amist the sound of shattered glass. While his warning is enough to keep the Kill-Team from being caught flat footed, the Genestealers freakish speed proves too much for the Kill-Team and several nobles are slaughtered instantly. A melee breaks out in the center of the atrium and Lord Governor Thorsholdt screams a girlish scream of “Emperor protect me!!!” while running down an open hallway out of the atrium. Two Genestealers give chase.

Brother DiAngst makes quick work of the Genestealer who decended upon him with a standard parry, counter, thrust maneuver that leaves the Genestealer spread out across the floor. He looks to Brother Scipio for orders, who says, “Forget the Thrice Cursed coward. Destroy the Xenos threat!”. With that the Kill-Team counter assaults. Genestealers are falling quickly but there are over a dozen to deal with.

Outside Brother Adam and Brother Trae have taken up defensive positions as only Dark Angels can, laughing in the face of impending danger and raining down bolter fire from a superior position. A rebel horde is atempting to break Trae’s PDF unit line and gain access to the manor. Brother Trae says a prayer to the Emperor for protection and begins the wholesale slaugher of rebel scum.

Inside the wholesale slaugher of nobles continues. The Kill-Team is doing it’s best to turn the battle as quickly as possible. Brother Brenna shows off her Storm Warden training as she parries blow after blow holding back the threat on the flank. The main melee wraps up and Brother Scipio orders the hasty Brother DiAngst to find the Lord Governor. Brother DiAngst rockets down the hallway, jump pack blazing away. Brother Adam is less graceful, as the rear guard joins the main battle. He ricochetes off an interior wall but does pursue Brother DiAngst down the hallway. Brother Baron is a bit more direct, with his Wings of Angels, he acends through the skylight and decends through the roof of the location provided by Brother DiAngst, murdering the Genestealer a mere moments before it would have taken the Lord Governor’s life. Perin is a sobbing mess, “Oh, praise the Emperor I am saved.” The Assault Team drag him back to the atrium for a little chat with Brother Scipio. The Lord Governor agrees to all of the terms, including helping the Kill-Team enter the Astropath Tower and the redistribution of PDF units around the city. 5 units of PDF troops are placed in reserve.



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