Taco Tuesdays - Deathwatch

Final Sanction - Mission Progress

Having saved Lord Governor Thorsholdt from certain death Brother Scipio has a chat with him regarding the best use of PDF units and wargear. After some time the Governor agrees to all of Brother Scipio’s demands. 5 units of PDFs are placed into reserve at the Kill-Team’s command, and the Kill-Team may select any wargear the Governor might have in storage for use on the mission. Lord Governor Thorsholdt also gives the Kill-Team the authentication process to bypass the Hollow Guard. He says getting passed the Psychic Ward is a different problem, as they will have to convince Elsharna’s retinue to let them pass. Brother Scipio stays behind with Brother Brenna and Brother Adam to oversee the redistribution of PDF units and protect the Manor from counter attack. The rest of the Kill-Team is ordered to send the message for aid, with Brother Fury as second in command.

The Kill-Team, armed with the authentication codes, bypass the Hollow Guard over at the House of Echoes. The retinue guard are another matter. Brother Fury’s unique brand of charm (“Why don’t you go ask her before I shoot you in the face”) gets them access to Elsharna. She is a small girl, maybe no more than 12, with glowing white eyes. She says she has been expecting the Kill-Team and asks what message she might send in aid of her planet. Brother Fury gives her the Deathwatch chapter ciphers and tells her to send a message requesting aid in restoring order to Avalos over to Watch Fortress Erioch. Elsharna moves over to a raised dais and says it will take a minute to transmit the message. Kneeling she peers towards the ceiling of the grand hall and psychic energy begins to crackle about. Librarian Staph is put off by this, as a shadow in the warp decends on the House of Echoes. An explosion is heard outside and the Kill-Team can see rebel forces trying to take the Astropath and cut off communications now that the House of Echoes is unsealed!

Taking up defensive positions Brother Trae surprises everyone with his initiative. He takes aim at a horde as it beings to spill through windows and breach walls. Brother DiAngst is seemingly everywhere at once as he charges from horde to horde delivering blows with such force as to knock waves of enemies aside. Librarian Staph picks up his trusty Asartes Heavy Flamer and sends a gout of promethium across the hall and into the emerging rebels. If they had a hard time getting access before they won’t now as a huge hole is burning in the side of the building. Brother Baron takes the opportunity to wipe out one horde with his Astartes Hand Flamer. A new horde appears over the walls, this one armed with stub rifles, and it opens fire on Librarian Staph and Brother Baron. The Red Baron shakes it off but it seems the Librarian has lost some blood. Brother Trae drops his Heavy Bolter, readies his Heavy Flamer, and shouts, “Fire in the Hole!” as he points directly at Brother DiAngst. Not trusting the Dark Angel for a second, the Space Wolf peers over his shoulder to view incoming Flamer fire. He deftly spins out of the way as the Heavy Flamer destroys the horde of rebels attempting entrance and lights another portion of the great hall on fire.

Sensing the hall will burn down long before the message is sent Brother Fury roars, “No more flamers!” He gathers up some curtains and jumps out a window down to the ocean below. Librairan Staph, perhaps in an effort to let the bleeding stop, joins as well. The Hollow Guard are finally defeated, but they have weakened the rebel horde advancing on the front entrance so Brother DiAngst takes advantage. With a howl the Space Wolf charges his enemy, sending bodies flying in a shockwave of concussive force. Brother Baron, not to be outdone, charges the horde of rifle users. Seeing the oncoming space marine in his terror armor is too much for the rebels as they feint on the spot. With a delightful glee the Blood Angel dances over to the rebel leader and squares off for a good brawl. Brother Trae once again readies his Heavy Bolter and takes aim at a new horde of rebels with more stub rifles. Brother Fury and Librarian Staph take their wet curtains and form a protective ring around Elsharna, caring little for the fate of the building itself. They jump down into the ocean a second time to gather more water and reinforce their barrier.

The rebel leader engaged with Brother Baron draws a Power Sword. In an ill-fated attempt to parry the Blood Angels Chainsword is shattered by the power field. In a blood rage he draws his combat knife and plunges it into the leader, wounding him terribly.

To be continued.



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