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Oblivion's Edge Mission Briefing

A Good Day to Die

It has been four days since your confrontation with the Broodlord and the final bloody night of the Lordsholm uprising. With your heroic efforts, the city has been saved, at least for the time being, and you have retired to Governor Thorsholt’s manor to oversee the final stages of securing the city. During your few days of convalescence, however, it has become painfully clear that a full-scale Tyranid invasion is descending on Avalos, and reports have
been coming in from across the planet of dark shapes moving against the stars. Even in Lordsholm you have witnessed the sky darkening with spores and alien clouds obscuring the sun. There can be no doubt as to what is coming next, as those few who have survived the uprising and remain in the city huddle in their hiding places awaiting the next and final chapter of this nightmare to unfold.

While the remaining rebels flee at the sight of you, they have still managed a guerrilla force of mayhem and destruction. You can’t be everywhere at once. Despite your best efforts the Lordsholm PDF is all but destroyed. The last remaining unit is under command of Brother Trae. The Spaceport lies in runis, all off-world capable craft destroyed. What survivors manage to cling to life are holed up in Lordsholm Manor with the Kill Team.

All is not lost, however, and it seems that the Emperor’s favour has finally fallen on you. On the morning of the fourth day, a spark of hope lights up the darkness and you receive a vox communication from an Imperial cruiser, the Emperor’s Wrath, as it makes orbit. It seems that your final astropathic call for aid has somehow got through; hopefully it will not be too little or too late…


son of a bitch…

Oblivion's Edge Mission Briefing

To hell with this place… BURN IT ALL… No Tyranid scourge should propagate here! (Yay scorched ‘earth’ tactics :) )

Oblivion's Edge Mission Briefing

Copied from Facebook post:

Warhammer was harsh tonight… our diminished kill squad had to hold a spaceport against overwhelming hoards of tyranids (space bugs + hive mind)… Librarian got a little overenthusiastic and exploded… narrowly avoided being replaced by a giddy demon prince… ie, lost, without obliterating the rest of us… Tactical Marine narrowly avoided death from Genestealer swarm, only to be bombed to death by Gargoyles… currently debating whether to burn permanent fate while we wait to see if the Apothecary shows up in 30 seconds for emergency healing… Devastator is down and living on pain suppressants, but not in as dire condition. This leaves us with two Assault Marines still on their feet… and an awful lot of Tyranids bearing down on us. Things look grim for our heroes…

Oblivion's Edge Mission Briefing

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