Taco Tuesdays - Deathwatch

Training Mission - After Action Reports (AARs)

Bonus Renown or Experience will be awarded for good RP AARs. Just edit this page and type in under your name.




Report no casualties and the mission to prove our worth as a team has been achieved even with the 2 Dark Angels. We scouted the best approach to the City so the enemy knew we would be coming. Even with all the time the orks had they were no match for us, I must say the Kill-Team earned its place, while there would be no retreat for us and I was sure I would have a glorious death at one point, We pulled together and unleashed a furious charge that broke there lines. I believe it was when I saw Dark Angel Librarian with a glint in his eye, a wretched smile and a nod. I knew he was going for all the glory by himself and I could not let that happen to the Space Wolves again. With that we unleashed a bladestorm of blades at the Boss and he succumbed under the onslaught of blows. After which we moped up the remaining Meka-Nobs, which I might add almost took out the blood thirsty Dark Angel, if it hadnt been for me covering him and the Kill-Team coming to his rescue he might not have made the Kill-Team.

Personal Note- even if the Dark Angels are out to steal our glory, they fight well. And I can be found in the Bar room celebrating the victory and mourning the losses. I believe my canines dropped a little more.


Red Barron






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