Taco Tuesdays - Deathwatch

Training Mission - Aftermath

The Kill-Team emerges from the training grounds battered but victorious. Watch Captain Evangelos greets them with a look of pride on his face. He comments “We had you going pretty rough there for a while. Truly you are all Deathwatch material.” Hand shakes and shoulder claps are exchanged as the Watch Captain leads the way to the Medicae Bay for long term care of those who need it. On the way out he looks over his shoulder and says, “Your first real mission is in 3 days, be ready”.

Training Mission - Mission Briefing

The ride to Jericho Reach was a short one. Barely enough time to meet the elite marines sitting across from you. Two Dark Angels, two Storm Hammers, two Ultramarines, and a Blood Angel. We made a motley crew to be sure. The Imperial Fleet Carrier docks at a watch station and you and the others are lead to the airlock. On the other side two Imperial Guardsmen snap to attention and salute. You pay them little attention. A servitor greets you station side.

“Greetings Deathwatch recruits. Please follow me this way for your first mission briefing.” He leads you down a hallway to a large room with a table and chairs. The Servitor is gone for a mere moment before it returns with a Watch Captain. He introduces himself, “I am Watch Captain Evangelos, and you are the newest recruits to Deathwatch. That you made it this far means you are the best at what you do, and what you do is purge the xenos threat. That is what we are looking for here, and the Chaplins say the Emperor’s Tarot foretells the need of a new Kill-Team in this region.” He paces the room looking over each of the team members.

“But before we can send you out into the galaxy we must be sure you can work together as a Kill-Team. Your training exercise begins in 1 hour. You have been given a requisition allotment of 72 points for this exercise. The Servitors can show you to the Armouries and Chapels so you can make your preperations. Pick a Squad Leader and make your Oaths and don’t think just because this is training it will be easy. We accept only the best here at Deathwatch.” With that he walks out leaving the team to themselves.


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