Taco Tuesdays - Deathwatch

Training Mission - Mission Briefing

The ride to Jericho Reach was a short one. Barely enough time to meet the elite marines sitting across from you. Two Dark Angels, two Storm Hammers, two Ultramarines, and a Blood Angel. We made a motley crew to be sure. The Imperial Fleet Carrier docks at a watch station and you and the others are lead to the airlock. On the other side two Imperial Guardsmen snap to attention and salute. You pay them little attention. A servitor greets you station side.

“Greetings Deathwatch recruits. Please follow me this way for your first mission briefing.” He leads you down a hallway to a large room with a table and chairs. The Servitor is gone for a mere moment before it returns with a Watch Captain. He introduces himself, “I am Watch Captain Evangelos, and you are the newest recruits to Deathwatch. That you made it this far means you are the best at what you do, and what you do is purge the xenos threat. That is what we are looking for here, and the Chaplins say the Emperor’s Tarot foretells the need of a new Kill-Team in this region.” He paces the room looking over each of the team members.

“But before we can send you out into the galaxy we must be sure you can work together as a Kill-Team. Your training exercise begins in 1 hour. You have been given a requisition allotment of 72 points for this exercise. The Servitors can show you to the Armouries and Chapels so you can make your preperations. Pick a Squad Leader and make your Oaths and don’t think just because this is training it will be easy. We accept only the best here at Deathwatch.” With that he walks out leaving the team to themselves.

Training Mission - Aftermath

The Kill-Team emerges from the training grounds battered but victorious. Watch Captain Evangelos greets them with a look of pride on his face. He comments “We had you going pretty rough there for a while. Truly you are all Deathwatch material.” Hand shakes and shoulder claps are exchanged as the Watch Captain leads the way to the Medicae Bay for long term care of those who need it. On the way out he looks over his shoulder and says, “Your first real mission is in 3 days, be ready”.

Training Mission - After Action Reports (AARs)

Bonus Renown or Experience will be awarded for good RP AARs. Just edit this page and type in under your name.




Report no casualties and the mission to prove our worth as a team has been achieved even with the 2 Dark Angels. We scouted the best approach to the City so the enemy knew we would be coming. Even with all the time the orks had they were no match for us, I must say the Kill-Team earned its place, while there would be no retreat for us and I was sure I would have a glorious death at one point, We pulled together and unleashed a furious charge that broke there lines. I believe it was when I saw Dark Angel Librarian with a glint in his eye, a wretched smile and a nod. I knew he was going for all the glory by himself and I could not let that happen to the Space Wolves again. With that we unleashed a bladestorm of blades at the Boss and he succumbed under the onslaught of blows. After which we moped up the remaining Meka-Nobs, which I might add almost took out the blood thirsty Dark Angel, if it hadnt been for me covering him and the Kill-Team coming to his rescue he might not have made the Kill-Team.

Personal Note- even if the Dark Angels are out to steal our glory, they fight well. And I can be found in the Bar room celebrating the victory and mourning the losses. I believe my canines dropped a little more.


Red Barron




Final Sanction Mission Briefing

The Kill-Team is assembled in a grand hall aboard Watch Station Erioch. Their Watch Captain, an Ultramarines Chapter Space Marine named Brother Evangelos, sits at the head of a long holotable. On it the starmap of Jericho Reach is displayed. When the Kill-Team is seated he begins the briefing, “Over six months ago, Inquisitor Kalistradi arrived on the Agri-World of Avalos (Common Lore: Imperium of Man for more info) chasing rumors of Genestealer Infestation (Forbidden Lore: Xenos for more info) and several reported sighting of a Space Hulk on the edge of the system. After months of secret investigation, she discovered Genestealers had indeed taken residence on Avalos, concentrated in the world’s primary city – Lordsholm.” The holotable shifts view to an overlooking map of Lordsholm. The city is divided into 4 distinct districts, Magistria, Portica, Calistria, and Fabrica. (Anyone who requisitions a Dataslate can download this map).

“Without the means to purge the infestation herself, and fearing the local authorities had already been compromised, she sent a coded astrpathic communication to Watch Fortress Erioch issuing a formal request for aid from the Deathwatch in exterminating a Genestealer infestation on the world of Avalos. After reviewing the evidence and assessing the threat of a Tyranid presence in the Avalos system, Watch Captain Brand considered the threat dangerous enough to send a Kill-Team. This is where you come in. Your transportation leaves in 3 hours. You will journey to the Avalos system aboard the Imperial Sword Class Frigate Valiant.” The holotable again shifts, this time to an Imperial Navy ship classification Imperial Sword Class Frigate statistics page.

We don’t expect much trouble. You have each been allocated 72 points of Requisition for this mission. Good Luck." The holotable goes dark and Watch Captain Evangelos has a ‘why haven’t you started moving yet’ look on his face as the Kill-Team moves out to prep for their mission.

Final Sanction - Mission Progress

The journey to the Avalos system aboard the Imperial Sword Class Frigate Valiant was swift. During the voyage, the Kill-Team remained mostly apart from the rest of the crew, who in turn kept their distance, overawed to have not one, but several members of the legendary Adeptus Astartes aboard their ship. Their only real contact was with its commander, Captain Galrite Haltreme, as he gave you updates on the vessel’s progress and assurances that you would reach Avalos as quickly as his crew could manage. Kill-Team (Insert Name) went about it’s usual mission preparations. Librarian Adam took this time to read the Emperor’s Tarot to attempt to foresee any dangers to the ship. He could see only swarms of Tyranids, a known threat in the Orpheus Salient.

As the Valiant entered orbit above Avalos it came under fire. Almost immediately a swarm of Tyranid kraken emerged from behind the world’s primary moon, descending on the frigate and taking its crew by surprise. Even as the Valiant burned under a barrage of bio-plasma and pyro-spores, the Kill-Team managed to reach a drop pod and prep for launch. In a final act of duty, Captain Haltreme opened the hanger doors and fired your pod down toward the planet below. Moments later, the frigate’s hull buckled and broke under the jaws of the kraken.

The Kill-Team drop pod screamed down though Avalos’ atmosphere, leaving a trail of fire across the sky while inside you endured the brutal gravity as only your enhanced bodies are capable of. Still kilometres above the surface of the world your pod’s rudimentary guidance locked on to an Astartes transponder and in a brief burst of retro rockets changed direction to follow its pulsing signal. Scant seconds later it made planetfall, and with a deafening crack of thunder the pod slammed into the ground throwing dust and debris high into the air. Almost immediately the Kill-Team’s harnesses released and the pod’s doors were flung open. Emerging from the pod, it appears to have landed through the roof of an Imperial chapel, crashing down in the midst of pews, tiles, and statues. Through the hole made by the drop pod, the Kill-Team can see that it is a dark rainy night, water pouring down onto their armoured forms. Through shattered doors, they can see Lordsholm, an ancient and crumbling city, soaked in rain and ablaze with uncontrolled fires, stretching off in all directions. Nearby, the crack of weapons fire and thump of explosions announces a battle in progress.

Rushing outside the Kill-Team observes a battle in progress. A Captain of the local PDF is under heavy fire from a large contingent of rebels, easily in the thousands. He introduces himself as Captain Ascote of the 117th PDF and says, “Praise the Emperor you have arrived.” The PDF have set up a makeshift barricade around the chapel from fallen masonry, dead guardsmen, and even a burnt out Chimera, creating a fortified position about 200 metres across. Outside the barricade, the chapel’s graveyard and forecourt has been cleared into a killing ground some 50 metres wide; beyond this lurks the shadowy rain soaked ruins of Lordsholm and the rebel lines.

The battle is a massed bloody affair, fuelled by the alien hatred of the rebels and their vast numbers. The Kill-Team is able to disperse the rebel hordes in short order after killing their champion, but a second horde approaches, this one with riot sheilds and what appears to be demolition charges. They are stopped before any real harm can be done. Captain Ascote takes Brother Scipio aside and asks for a word. Those interested in what the Captain has to say file into the ruined Chapel while others stay on guard for more rebel activity.

Inside the Chapel Captain Ascote reveals he is actually a she, clearly a member of the Callidus Assassin Temple. She begins to explain the situation, “My lords, blessed be the Emperor you are not too late, it seems my mistress’s faith in the Deathwatch was well placed. Would that she were here to greet you herself, but I fear the xenos have her somewhere in the city, and for several days I have worn the guise of the PDF commander simply to hold these men together so that there might be a place for you to land. My name is Syndalla, at least that is what Kalistradi called me, other than this I will not waste words with pleasantries or formalities, for this city is about to fall. The Genestealers have infected much of the population and those that remain are badly demoralized and exist only within a few isolated parts of the city like this one. Added to this, I expect the vanguard of the Tyranid fleet to arrive within a matter of days. Our only hope is to send a message through the world’s astropath before the shadow falls using your Chapter cyphers and request reinforcements. This on its own, however, is not enough. Even with aid on the way, I think Lordsholm will fall before dawn. The only way to stop this is to find the Broodlord which spawned this infestation and kill it. I will give you what help I can but I also need to keep the PDF from completely collapsing. I have prepared some details to aid you in your task and will offer what knowledge I have.”

Syndalla outlines the goals she believes will aid in retaining control over the planet as well as updating the Kill-Teams map of the region with primary and secondary goals. Primary Objectives are to send an astropathic message for reinforcements, and to find and kill the dangerous Broodlord. Secondary objectives are to rescue Lord Governor Thorsholdt and aid the PDF in retaking the city. Syndalla explains the Governor and Astropath can be found in the Magistra District while there is a PDF Stronghold here in the Portica District. She has no idea where the Broodlord is. She answers any questions she is able and gives the Kill-Team access to her Vox link so they can contact her during the mission. Armed with new information Kill-Team (Insert Name) heads for the local PDF Stronghold to hopefully help turn the tide of battle in favor of the local forces.

Final Sanction - Mission Progress

Aproaching the PDF base Brother DiAngst performs ariel scouting assisted by Brother Baron. Giving the all clear, Brother DiAngst signals for the Kill-Teams advance. To everyones surprise rebel forces have laid an ambush. The fighting is bloody but the rebels are no match for a full Kill-Team. Sounds of seige weaponry can be heard from the opposite side of the fortress. The faster members of the Kill-Team fly off over the barracks to deal with the problem. They see over the battlements three hordes of rebel troops, armed with heavy weaponry. Given time the seige could break the fortress and seize the resources held within. With no reguard to personal safety the Assault Marines jump jet into the front.

Hearing commotion inside the fortress Libarian Staph decides the best course of action is the direct route. Using his bionic locomotion he begins to run full speed at the back wall. With a resounding KE-RASH he creates an entrance where no existed before. Inside he sees a scene that is incomprehensible to his marine senses. The PDF guardsmen assigned to the fortress have seemingly surrendered to an invisible enemy. Not understanding this Libarian Staph calls for the aid of Brother Fury to assess the situation. Apparently the PDF forces commanding officers had ordered them to stand down until such time as a traitor could be located. Libarian Staph begins the search for these captains of the guard and Brother Fury gives a rousing speech to get the PDF off their asses and fighting in the name of the Emperor.

Out back Brother Trae holds the line against the ambushing rebel forces. The Devastator makes good use of his Heavy Bolter to stem the tide of advancing forces. Brother Scipio’s newly roused PDF units pour out the back of the fortress to join the fight. Just as the situation seemed contained a massive horde of rebels comes into view, ready to charge the fortress and hopefully break it’s defense from behind. Brother Trey tells Brother Fury to deal with the situation inside the fortress, he shall hold the line. After all, that is what Dark Angles do.

Inside, Libarian Staph has created another entrance. (Log Readers Note: Adjacent to a door he could have used. Schedule a review of his Gene Seed for corruption.) In the interior he finds a standoff of four PDF captains all shouting accusations of trechary and corruption. Brother Fury enters and demands an explination of what’s going on and why the PDF were ordered to stand down. Not liking the answer of “we thought it best to take no action until the traitor was found” he atempts to open fire on the squabbling captain only to find his hand stayed by a gun jam. Seeing the situation is desperate the traitor captain shoots one of his comrades in the face killing him instantly. A Genestealer appears from the shadows and kills another PDF captain. Librarian Staph makes quick work of the Genestealer, but makes the mistake of licking the blood off his Force Sword (Log Readers Note: Seriously, schedule a review with the Watch Apothecary). He collapses in a heap as the toxic nature of the Tyranid sweeps over him. Brother Fury defeats the traitor captain and tells the two remaining captains should anything like this happen again to make quicker work of slaughering all involved and get back to the fight.

Out front, after taking heavy fire on appraoch, the Assault Team has engaged the rebels. Brother Scipio makes haste to join his comrades. Brother DiAngst and Brother Baron put into practice the skills they have learned together in the Deathwatch and form a Wolf Pack. They cut down their prey with glee. Brother Brenna provides heavy fire support from the battlements with her Missile Launcher. Slowly but surely the rebel forces are worn down and victory goes to the Kill-Team. The PDF captains, indebted to the Kill-Team, give Brother Scipio their Vox frequency and authentication so they can be called in to fight for Lordsholm. Brother Trae takes command of a PDF unit. The future of Lordsholm looking more secure for the moment the Kill-Team moves out towards Magistra District to secure the Astropath and send the off world communicae for support.

Final Sanction - Mission Progress

Put on recon the Assault Team takes to the skies. They see several fires where Lordsholm still burns, but one in particular stands out. Nearby a structure is being asaulted by rebel forces while fires rage all around them. Checking his updated cartograph slate Brother Scipio determines this to be a supply depot. He dispatches the reserve PDF troops to handle the situation for now, and the Kill-Team makes its way to the Magistra District. Enroute Brother DiAngst spies some Genestealers stalking away into an alley. The choice between staying on mission and diverting to destroy the Xenos is clear. Death to all Xenos scum.

The Kill-Team splits up, taking fire positions on rooftops overlooking the alley while Brothers Trey and Brenna block off the entrance. Librarian Adam takes this oppourtunity to spout Codex doctrine and Dark Angels Dogma as a flying embodiment of death and destruciton. A Genestealer gets the drop on Brother Brenna and manages a deep wound. The fire positions rain bolter death upon the Xenos. Brother DiAngst and Baron jump down and deliver death from above. Brother Fury gets in on the action with a furious decent and a power sword. The carnage attracts more Genestealers from the sewers who decend upon the melee with furor. The battle is short and bloody and in the end no Genestealers survive. The Kill-Team earns distincion by performing several solo kills.

At the Astropath’s Tower the Kill-Team encounters some Mind Blanked guards known as the Hallow Guard. Brother Scipio confirms with Brother Adam they are indeed mindwiped zombies of the Imperium, ordered to tear appart anything without proper access trying to gain entry into the tower. The Kill-Team Vox casts Syndalla for ideas and she claims Lord Governor Thorsholdt should have access. If the Kill-Team were to rescue him he could lead them through the Hallow Guard. With a mutter of “Emperor Damned Adaptus Administratum” Brother Scipio orders the team over to Thorsholdt Mannor.

Outside all seems quiet. The grounds are protected by regiment after regiment of PDF troops. Searching the manor from the skies the Assault Team reports the Lord Governor’s posiition is in the atrium. He is apparently holding court during this time of trouble with Lordsholm’s elite class. The Kill-Team enters the Atrium, leaving Brother Adam and Brother Trae to guard the rear. Brother Scipio introduces himself, his team, and awaits the Lord Governor’s reply. Lord Governor Perian Thorsholdt replies meekly, “Praise the Emperor you are here. His blessed angels of death have come to rescue me, er, us, er, the city.” His response as to why 2/3 of the PDF are here and not trying to save the city is, “well, we are the city. Without the Magistra District there would be no Lordsholm.” Brother DiAngst calls a warning just in time as several Genestealers decend into the atrium amist the sound of shattered glass. While his warning is enough to keep the Kill-Team from being caught flat footed, the Genestealers freakish speed proves too much for the Kill-Team and several nobles are slaughtered instantly. A melee breaks out in the center of the atrium and Lord Governor Thorsholdt screams a girlish scream of “Emperor protect me!!!” while running down an open hallway out of the atrium. Two Genestealers give chase.

Brother DiAngst makes quick work of the Genestealer who decended upon him with a standard parry, counter, thrust maneuver that leaves the Genestealer spread out across the floor. He looks to Brother Scipio for orders, who says, “Forget the Thrice Cursed coward. Destroy the Xenos threat!”. With that the Kill-Team counter assaults. Genestealers are falling quickly but there are over a dozen to deal with.

Outside Brother Adam and Brother Trae have taken up defensive positions as only Dark Angels can, laughing in the face of impending danger and raining down bolter fire from a superior position. A rebel horde is atempting to break Trae’s PDF unit line and gain access to the manor. Brother Trae says a prayer to the Emperor for protection and begins the wholesale slaugher of rebel scum.

Inside the wholesale slaugher of nobles continues. The Kill-Team is doing it’s best to turn the battle as quickly as possible. Brother Brenna shows off her Storm Warden training as she parries blow after blow holding back the threat on the flank. The main melee wraps up and Brother Scipio orders the hasty Brother DiAngst to find the Lord Governor. Brother DiAngst rockets down the hallway, jump pack blazing away. Brother Adam is less graceful, as the rear guard joins the main battle. He ricochetes off an interior wall but does pursue Brother DiAngst down the hallway. Brother Baron is a bit more direct, with his Wings of Angels, he acends through the skylight and decends through the roof of the location provided by Brother DiAngst, murdering the Genestealer a mere moments before it would have taken the Lord Governor’s life. Perin is a sobbing mess, “Oh, praise the Emperor I am saved.” The Assault Team drag him back to the atrium for a little chat with Brother Scipio. The Lord Governor agrees to all of the terms, including helping the Kill-Team enter the Astropath Tower and the redistribution of PDF units around the city. 5 units of PDF troops are placed in reserve.

Final Sanction - Mission Progress

Having saved Lord Governor Thorsholdt from certain death Brother Scipio has a chat with him regarding the best use of PDF units and wargear. After some time the Governor agrees to all of Brother Scipio’s demands. 5 units of PDFs are placed into reserve at the Kill-Team’s command, and the Kill-Team may select any wargear the Governor might have in storage for use on the mission. Lord Governor Thorsholdt also gives the Kill-Team the authentication process to bypass the Hollow Guard. He says getting passed the Psychic Ward is a different problem, as they will have to convince Elsharna’s retinue to let them pass. Brother Scipio stays behind with Brother Brenna and Brother Adam to oversee the redistribution of PDF units and protect the Manor from counter attack. The rest of the Kill-Team is ordered to send the message for aid, with Brother Fury as second in command.

The Kill-Team, armed with the authentication codes, bypass the Hollow Guard over at the House of Echoes. The retinue guard are another matter. Brother Fury’s unique brand of charm (“Why don’t you go ask her before I shoot you in the face”) gets them access to Elsharna. She is a small girl, maybe no more than 12, with glowing white eyes. She says she has been expecting the Kill-Team and asks what message she might send in aid of her planet. Brother Fury gives her the Deathwatch chapter ciphers and tells her to send a message requesting aid in restoring order to Avalos over to Watch Fortress Erioch. Elsharna moves over to a raised dais and says it will take a minute to transmit the message. Kneeling she peers towards the ceiling of the grand hall and psychic energy begins to crackle about. Librarian Staph is put off by this, as a shadow in the warp decends on the House of Echoes. An explosion is heard outside and the Kill-Team can see rebel forces trying to take the Astropath and cut off communications now that the House of Echoes is unsealed!

Taking up defensive positions Brother Trae surprises everyone with his initiative. He takes aim at a horde as it beings to spill through windows and breach walls. Brother DiAngst is seemingly everywhere at once as he charges from horde to horde delivering blows with such force as to knock waves of enemies aside. Librarian Staph picks up his trusty Asartes Heavy Flamer and sends a gout of promethium across the hall and into the emerging rebels. If they had a hard time getting access before they won’t now as a huge hole is burning in the side of the building. Brother Baron takes the opportunity to wipe out one horde with his Astartes Hand Flamer. A new horde appears over the walls, this one armed with stub rifles, and it opens fire on Librarian Staph and Brother Baron. The Red Baron shakes it off but it seems the Librarian has lost some blood. Brother Trae drops his Heavy Bolter, readies his Heavy Flamer, and shouts, “Fire in the Hole!” as he points directly at Brother DiAngst. Not trusting the Dark Angel for a second, the Space Wolf peers over his shoulder to view incoming Flamer fire. He deftly spins out of the way as the Heavy Flamer destroys the horde of rebels attempting entrance and lights another portion of the great hall on fire.

Sensing the hall will burn down long before the message is sent Brother Fury roars, “No more flamers!” He gathers up some curtains and jumps out a window down to the ocean below. Librairan Staph, perhaps in an effort to let the bleeding stop, joins as well. The Hollow Guard are finally defeated, but they have weakened the rebel horde advancing on the front entrance so Brother DiAngst takes advantage. With a howl the Space Wolf charges his enemy, sending bodies flying in a shockwave of concussive force. Brother Baron, not to be outdone, charges the horde of rifle users. Seeing the oncoming space marine in his terror armor is too much for the rebels as they feint on the spot. With a delightful glee the Blood Angel dances over to the rebel leader and squares off for a good brawl. Brother Trae once again readies his Heavy Bolter and takes aim at a new horde of rebels with more stub rifles. Brother Fury and Librarian Staph take their wet curtains and form a protective ring around Elsharna, caring little for the fate of the building itself. They jump down into the ocean a second time to gather more water and reinforce their barrier.

The rebel leader engaged with Brother Baron draws a Power Sword. In an ill-fated attempt to parry the Blood Angels Chainsword is shattered by the power field. In a blood rage he draws his combat knife and plunges it into the leader, wounding him terribly.

To be continued.


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